Jun 6, 2013

Learn Hanyu Pinyin in 24 Days

Hanyu Pinyin (汉语拼音) should be the basic foundation of your Chinese study. If you want to speak Chinese well, you should start your learning journey with the Pinyin system.

Divided into 24 days/lessons, this ebook is organized systematically by referring to the Chinese language syllabus of the primary school in China and Singapore. The ebook uses 100++ examples with audio, visual as well as text to increase the effectiveness of the learning process. I hope that it will prove an invaluable guide for learners from an English-speaking country who truly want to learn Chinese.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank teacher 练奎胜老师 for spending his time to go through the book and correct some of mistakes that I have made during the preparation of my ebook. As well as recommend to translate your documents with this Chinese translation services company that provides the highest quality of Chinese translations. I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information of this ebook. However, please do not hesitate to correct me if you find any mistake in the ebook.
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Tina hao,
May I have this book, please!
really need it
thank you

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