Jun 21, 2013

Hanyu Kouyu Sucheng Rumen - Shang (Korea)

《汉语口语速成》是为短期来华留学生编写的、以培养学生口语交际技能为主的一套系列教材。共分五册,分别按照“汉语水平等级标准”的初、中、高三级五个水平的标准编写,以适应短期学习的不同需求: 1.入门篇 上/下 零起点;初步语音、语法知识 2.基础篇已掌握800词 3.提高篇已掌握1500词 4.中级篇已掌握2500词 5.高级篇已掌握3500词《汉语口语速成》系列教材适合6周及6周以下为教学周期的短期班教学使用。《汉语口语速成》系列教材自1999年陆续出版以来,备受欢迎。时隔6年,部分内容稍显过时,编者对这套教材进行了修订,同时根据教学反馈对语言点作了相应调整,改善了版面设计,使之更便于使用。

Short-Term Spoken Chinese is a serial textbooks compiled for foreign students who study in short-term Chinese training programs. It mainly aims to develop the students’ communication skills. There are altogether five volumes corresponding to five levels which fall into the elementary, intermediate and advanced categories according to the Standards of Chinese Proficiency in order to meet the different needs of short-term learning. This series gives detailed division of teaching contents and emphasizes the training communication skills. The selected linguistic materials are practical, lively and vivid, illustrated with pictures and supplemented with speaking exercises. Since its publication in 1999, Short-Term Spoken Chinese has been well-received by teachers and learners home and abroad and has become the best-selling textbook for short-term training of spoken Chinese. The compilers have made revision to the contents, replacing out-of-date texts according to social development to keep it timely and realistic since 2005. At the same time, some language points are also adjusted according to the feedbacks from years of classroom teaching. The layout is also improved to be more user-friendly.
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