Jun 28, 2013

Golden Bridge of Business Chinese: Intermediate Reading (Vol 1)

This textbook is suitable for 3rd grade of undergraduate foreign students (Majoring in Business Chinese). Reading is mainly concentrated, accompanied with dialogue and composition. The compiling principle is with emphasis on knowledge and practicability. The whole process of Business activities is mostly covered in the knowledge points included in the textbook; the articles are selected from contemporary journals and online articles. The content has a sense of fashion, a large amount of new business words are collected. There are vocabulary illustration and grammar trope for each unit, the use of words and special grammar and rhetorical phenomena are illustrated specifically for improving academic Chinese level of students. The exercises are diversified; subjective questions are used for class discussion, which can also be used as topics for argumentative writings regarding Business affairs. Format of HSK is used as reference for objective questions for meeting the needs of students to take an exam. There is reading material after each unit for enlarging vocabulary, which can also be used for students to check their reading comprehension skills.

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