Feb 4, 2013

Tour Guide - Lvyou Jichu Zhishi

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The book is divided into eleven chapters, including an overview of tourism development, knowledge of Chinese history, China Tourism Geography, Chinese ethnic folk four major religions in China, ancient Chinese architecture, ancient Chinese garden, Chinese cooking main flavor genre, China's scenery specialty, China and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao before, China's major tourist source countries before and so, this book has the knowledge, practical, theoretical characteristics, is the tour qualifying examination series.

This kit as the country's many tour exam materials in the oldest and most extensive use of surface, the most authoritative content of the "national tour qualifying examination textbook series," largely bear the specification guides behavior, training of tour guides of the task . We strive through practical, accurate content and rigor, scientific attitude prepared to better achieve this, effectively promote the healthy development of guides training and examination work.

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