Feb 7, 2013

Thai Listening and Speaking

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"Thai Listening and Speaking" all teaching materials selected from Thai television stations, the main purpose of this course is to enable students to read, understand television news reports and various other television programs, free to use Thai, Chinese repeat, Executive summary summarized television programs to improve language skills. Ability to listen to students with translation, listening to recorded television programs, and lay a solid foundation for future work in the relevant specialty. "Thai Listening and Speaking" exclusively for professional Thai high school students, but also for Thai professionals have some basic Thai language use. "Thai audiovisual said," teaching course, pay attention to cultivate students' ability to listen to the translation, but also attach importance to training oral and written language skills of students Thai, Chinese bilingual; let students get their brains in the classroom, moving mouth and hands of the training, Students not only understand, but also will say, write, in order to achieve listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating training teaching purposes.

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