Standard Chinese Intermediate Part III

Standard Chinese Intermediate Part III


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"Standard Chinese: Intermediate" is the Chinese, Hello! One series of Chinese textbooks multimedia. This set of Chinese teaching materials, including textbooks, exercise books, teaching CDs, MP3 discs. Based on "Chinese Proficiency Vocabulary and Character Level Outline" arrangement vocabulary. Progressive arrangements grammar points, covering the "Outline for Teaching Chinese Grammar" major grammatical items, with the text descriptions and examples. The establishment of a number of exercises to practice the results can be directly detected. Multimedia computer software production, the use of text, animation, sound, pictures and other forms of interactive teaching. System design compatibility, Windows and Apple operating systems can be used. After school programs completely Ministry 6 starting from zero, learners mastered the vocabulary, grammar and listening skills can reach HSK (HsK) Intermediate level.
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  1. Hello. please, where can i find all books of this course???

  2. I'm not sure if this link can helps:


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