Feb 6, 2013

Speedy Chinese Learning - Elementary Speaking & Listening

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This beginning-level textbook was created for foreigners to learn spoken Chinese. It starts form ground zero and is ideally suited for a classroom setting. Students will gain the most form this book if they are active in class and self-motivated to study on their own.

This book focused on the most common sentences used in daily life and assembles them in real-life conversations. There are 12 lessons totally, and each lesson includes 6 sections: a. Practical sentence patterns; b. Text; c. New words and phrases; d. Communicating; e. Spoken language practice; f. Listening comprehension

The practical sentence patterns section is the most important part of each lesson and should be memorized because it is the foundation of this textbook. In the new words and phrases section, you only need to learn the primary ones listed and not the additional ones next to each primary.

In each lesson, we’ve composed dialogue conversations around one topic to accelerate the learning process. We’ve also designed each conversation with an open-ended introduction and closing. In other words, we teach you how to end conversations on your own initiative, how to refuse or accept something, and how to start new conversations.
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do you have Audio to this PDF?

do you have Audio to this PDF?

No, I have no audio file for this ebook.

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