Feb 4, 2013

Research on Foreign Learners' Acquisition of Chinese Characters, Words and Reading

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Adopting the theories and methods in cognitive psychological research of language, the author presents in this book her achievements in the systematic study of the process and rules of foreigners’ learning of Chinese characters, words and reading.

At present most of the linguistic works take the perspective of the language itself, probing into the problems using the linguistic methods; while works of psychological perspective lay emphasis on the cognitive process of linguistic activities of native Chinese speakers. This book offers a combination of the two perspectives by integrating cognitive psychology research with research of Chinese characters, words and reading.

Besides the systematic theoretical discussion and experimental research on the foreigners’ cognitive process of learning Chinese characters, words and reading, suggestions for teaching Chinese as a foreign language concerning the three aspects are also provided. The book is of great value for research and practice of teaching Chinese characters, words and reading to foreign learners.
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