Feb 4, 2013

New Step 3 - Intensive Reading Course of Intermediate Chinese

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New Step - Intensive Reading Course of Intermediate Chinese. This offer includes the complete series of Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 + Vol. 3 including 5 CDs.

This set of Intensive Reading Course is designed for students at an intermediate level of Chinese. Its lessons cover a broad range of the Chinese language and are bursting with knowledge. Each volume has 16 to 18 lessons and each lesson includes text, vocabulary lists, grammar, exercises, and reading and thinking. The text covers daily life, culture, economny and all the things happen in modern China. Grammar is explained in great detail in both Chinese and English. Different exercises such as synonym discrimination, truth and falsh, fill in the blanks, and more help students understand the text even better. In Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English.
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New link book 3
链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1nuKh2dF 密码: 96wq

Tina hao,
wo bu hui xiazai
keyi jiancha yixia ma

Congqian yilai dou zheyang lianjie, weishenme buhui xiazai ne?
Wo yijing jiancha guo le, mei wenti.

du bu qi Tina
shi wo de cuo. wang luo you wen ti suoyi bu neng xia zai
yi jing hui le
duo xie ni

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