Feb 6, 2013

Modern Chinese Lexicology

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"Modern Chinese Lexicology" written specifically for the Chinese vocabulary teaching. "Modern Chinese Vocabulary Learning" focuses on an overview of modern Chinese vocabulary, form and meaning of a word and its development and changes, the basic theoretical knowledge and the relationship between the words and sayings of the word, and set the "choice of words and the use of" related content so that students are able to grasp the basic principles of better words into practice.

"Modern Chinese Lexicology" also particularly concerned about the close relationship between words and culture, introduces the nationality embedded in the Chinese vocabulary, explained the foreign cultural differences and their causes.

"Modern Chinese Lexicology" absorbed the modern Chinese vocabulary teaching and research in all aspects of the results, as far as possible reflect the latest research results in recent years, and according to the characteristics of foreign language teaching were trade-offs to make it more relevant to the needs of foreign language teaching.
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