Explorations of Grammar of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Explorations of Grammar of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language


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Grammar for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign language teaching is an important part of the theoretical basis, is the most important basis for the preparation of teaching materials, but also the main basis for the development of the Chinese Proficiency Test standard and level of the outline. In-depth study "Teaching Chinese Grammar exploration" Grammar System for Teaching Chinese made. The updated version. This update mainly adds two parts. Part of the syntax item selection and arrangement. The original book also relates to the content of this area, but more rough. 2002 Hanban hosted a "Grammar items are sorted Principles and Strategies" is the theme of the Second International Seminar on Chinese grammar teaching outside, since the selection and arrangement problems syntax items by industry peers' attention, Research papers specific grammar items one after another. Therefore, the authors own research results in recent years, additions to the book, as a separate section. Another part of the supplement is to grammar teaching concept is original grammar book system to ponder some of the issues specific ideas. Other parts of the original book also added some new results, the appendix also been revised and supplemented.
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