Feb 6, 2013

English - Chinese Contrastive Linguistics

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Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • The first chapter of English and Chinese Summary
  • First, the world language classification
  • Second, English
  • Third, Chinese
  • Chapter II Comparison of English and Chinese Voice
  • First, the basic principles of phonetics
  • Second, the comparison of Chinese and English voice systems
  • Third, the English phonemic contrast
  • Fourth, the language stream pronunciation Comparison
  • V. Comparison of English prosodic feature
  • The third chapter of Words between English and Chinese
  • First, the words almost say
  • Second, the English word formation Contrast
  • Third, the Chinese Words contrast
  • Fourth, other contrast
  • Chapter IV contrast English and grammar
  • First, the English and Chinese-speech system
  • Second, the grammatical categories of English and Chinese
  • Third, the grammatical devices of English and Chinese
  • Fourth, the English and Chinese single sentence analysis
  • Fifth, the phrase structure analysis
  • Sixth, English and Chinese complex sentence analysis
  • Chapter V - Chinese Contrastive
  • First, the rhetoric almost say
  • Second, phonological aspects of Rhetoric
  • Third, the semantic Rhetoric
  • Fourth, the structure of Rhetoric
  • Chapter VI Cultural Comparison of English and Chinese
  • First, the culture shall say
  • Second, the constituent elements of culture
  • Third, hierarchical culture
  • Fourth, the Cultural Differences of language performance
  • Bibliography
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