Feb 5, 2013

China Fun Language


Long history of civilization, magnificent history, is exciting and interesting Chinese language deep and fertile soil. This book can be described as fun language repository: philosopher Hui language, coping witty, idiot crazy language, Satirical Words and Flowery Expressions, village made by Wild, bantering laugh ...... readily turn, Abas over the pickup. The exquisite language, little-known side perspective presented to the reader, to provide a broader cultural perspective, aesthetic feeling, imagination and enjoyable experience! Book a unique perspective, it tells the story of a lengthy past the Royal Garden from the Royal Palace to the marketplace and Folk, the realistic reproduction of ancient Chinese life attitudes. In whichever clever compile the interest in poetry, song Fu-like flexible and perfect and vivid stories to give readers a taste of the magic of language fun and unique charm of Chinese language. Slow product peruse antique writing fun, fragrant!
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