Beyond Business English 900(Chinese Edition)

Beyond Business English 900(Chinese Edition)


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"Beyond Business English 900" heritage of the essence of 900 English classic, not rigidly adhere to 900, but a large number of extensions that make business English enrich the rich, together with practical dialogue, more reader-friendly couplet understand, grasp and application-oriented. "Beyond Business English 900" has the following salient characteristics:

Cultural Background
Related topics provide background knowledge, so that readers really into the language environment, broaden their knowledge.
Fresh words
Related topics provide fresh common words, and lay a solid foundation for the expansion of dialogue.
Q exciting topic list, enhance communication skills and techniques, showing rich exchange of wisdom.
Smooth verse
Excerpt smooth classic verse, introduces the reader to a first-class presentation skills.
Emulation session
Set emulation session scene, to provide readers with a broad exercise space.
Pure beauty of sound
With long pure American English audio MP3 CD to allow readers to repeat it to imitate, rapid integration scenarios.
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