Feb 2, 2013

Application: Intermediate Chinese - Reading and Writing

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This book is designed for international students attending short-term Chinese language study.

This kit design philosophy can be summed up as "short," "flat", "fast", "short" is mainly reflected in the text short and pithy, concise syntax for class flexible short-term Chinese language teaching; "flat" is mainly reflected in its pass elbow land on the topic selection and arrangement of contents desalination timeliness and regional, for different regions, different native speakers of Chinese language teaching; "fast" reflected oriented materials can rapidly improve the level of Chinese language learners, learners can adapt very Shaanxi Chinese daily life environment.

This kit is a total beginning, middle, and high levels of listening, speaking, reading and writing each level two. This three six books by topic, theme, vocabulary associated lateral, vertical, etc. progressive and spiral form a whole, to give students comprehensive training. 
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