An advanced course of Chinese-English English-Chinese in interpreting book 1

An advanced course of Chinese-English English-Chinese in interpreting book 1


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"Advanced-English / English-Chinese interpreter tutorial" points, in two volumes, is a set of interpretation theory and practice as a whole, to train students to English, English-based interpretation capacity interpreters tutorial. Tutorial for clues to the subject matter, the content of the text and exercises around the political, economic, cultural, educational, social, financial, insurance, technology, population, environment, development of China's aerospace industry, etc., a wide range, in various forms. Using the object for college English majors, as well as foreign workers engaged in foreign affairs, foreign trade, foreign cultural exchanges, outreach, foreign affairs and other services, and tourism.
English is the world's most important international language, is China's first foreign language. With the increasingly frequent exchanges between China and other countries, interpretation as a link and bridge outreach increasingly important role, student-English, English-Chinese interpretation ability culture has become an important part of college English teaching, interpreting classes and therefore subject to the general student Welcome. Guangdong University of Foreign Studies since 1978, took the lead in Universities opened higher grades "English interpretation" course since, has become a "senior translate" professional leader of the "English Interpretation" courses, the school was named in Guangdong Province "provincial key course." The three-year undergraduate course for English "English interpretation" course use. Students of this course, will greatly enhance the Chinese-English / English-Chinese interpretation capacity while engaged in foreign affairs, its achievements in China's economic construction and civilization, promote traditional Chinese culture, international exchanges, there is a great help.
Tutorial contains 20 units, the upper and lower two volumes, for two semester, each unit to be 3 to 4 hours. Each unit includes a reading articles related vocabulary lesson around the theme topic of discussion, the Chinese-English / English-Chinese interpreter training, interpreter skills practice, practice six parts and other reference translation.
Read the article: 2 to 4, around a theme introduces the basic situation of our country, is intended to provide background information and language expression way, in order to carry out around this theme interpretation exercise to prepare for.
Related Words: List directly related to the text and indirectly related vocabulary, helping students expand vocabulary, learn the relevant language of expression.
Discussion topics: discussion based on the content of the text presented to help students familiar with the subject matter, training students to discuss a particular subject matter, the ability to publish personal views, but also the students' speaking ability of exercise training.
Ladies and Gentlemen: In Chinese, practice-oriented interpretation, the English interpreter training supplemented, so that students improve the ability of interpretation through special training.
Interpreting Skills Exercise: introduce some interpretation skills have a significant impact on the quality of interpretation, each unit will focus on certain skills to practice in order to help students better understand and improve the ability of interpretation.
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