Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing


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This material according to the Ministry of Education in 1995 issued a " three-year middle school for kindergarten teachers teaching program " and " moderate infant normal language syllabus ," written four volumes , one for kindergarten , second grade use . The purpose of this textbook is written on the basis of middle school learning , and further rigorous system for students ' language basic training to enable students to master the basics of the language systematically improve the basic skills of speaking and writing , with preliminary literary appreciation capacity ; prominent early childhood teacher characteristics, strengthen language practice , develop good study habits and self-learning ability , the development of intelligence in the training process , personality development , improving Humanities and cultural awareness, develop a healthy personality , the formation of a sound personality . This textbook writers to fully absorb the experience of many years of work in front-line teaching and absorb the language teaching theory and practice of new results, more in line with actual teaching kindergarten , have the following characteristics : a model of text selected articles , readability ( interesting ) ; unit basics, fundamental , self , practicality , openness comprehensive after-school practice and unit training ; composition exercises specific operability ; election papers and systematic practice , etc. This material is characterized by comprehensive training type . Textbook reading training set , writing training , training and heard Correspondingly observation, memory, imagination , thinking of training as a whole, each unit of each respective sports both orderly, but interrelated , focusing on the combination of curricular and extra-curricular , focus on training students' self-learning ability .
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