Chinese Idioms Dictionary - Popular edition

Chinese Idioms Dictionary - Popular edition


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"Series of books in Chinese: Chinese idiom dictionary" Introduction: idiom is an important part of Chinese vocabulary, it is a unique structure, forms a lively and fun while expressing effects loved by the masses. Results of Mr. Wen Duanzheng editor of "Chinese idiom dictionary" to the National Social Science Fund Project "Chinese proverb corpus of computer processing and linguistic issues related research" (02BYYO17) - the "Chinese proverb corpus database" as the basis, a large corpus-based, Chinese vocabulary as the theoretical guidance on the interpretation of both style and innovation. "Series of books in Chinese: Chinese idiom dictionary" strict interpretation, cited cases of abundance age support, both writers for many years engaged in the study of vocabulary experts, both professional and theoretical knowledge, but also a wealth of practical experience in lexicography, it is good to ensure that the "Chinese series of books: Chinese idiom dictionary" of writing standards.
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