Jul 3, 2018

Business Chinese Intermediate Listening Course 1MP3

汉语商务通:中级听力教程 CD五张 作者: 董瑾 出版社: 北京大学出版社 副标题: 中级听力教程 出版年: 2005-4 页数: 283 定价: 64.00元 ISBN: 9787301078419
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Apr 28, 2018

Chinese Made Easy for Kids 1 - Textbook

"Chinese Made Easy for Kids" adopts a new approach to teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language. It is designed for primary school students who start to learn Chinese as total beginners. This series "Chinese Made Easy for Kids" (Books 1 to 4) is the foundation course accompanying the series "Chinese Made Easy" (Books 1 to 5) published previously. "Chinese Made Easy for Kids" comprises 4 books, each book consists of one textbook with a CD and one workbook. After completing this series, children will be able to write from memory approximately 100 simple Chinese characters, recognize over 500 Chinese characters and be able to develop listening and speaking skills from an early age.

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Apr 27, 2018

New HSK Chinese Proficiency Oral Test (HSKK) Advanced

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出版社: 世界图书出版公司

Apr 23, 2018

I Can Speak Chinese!

《看圖我會說中文》 (I Can Speak Chinese!: Learning Chinese Through Pictures)
作者 Patricia Landry
出版社 商務印書館(香港)有限公司
ISBN 9789620703089
I Can Speak Chinese! Covers common situations such as “Family”, “Going to School” and “Shopping in the Supermarket”, etc. Containing more than 1,000 Chinese words and sentence patterns, this book is suitable for elementary Chinese learners.
I Can Speak Chinese! Not only teaches you Chinese words but also oral Chinese. The learning tips, in the bottom left-hand corner of each unit, can help you communicate in Chinese.
Học tiếng Hoa qua hình ảnh - PDF - 16MB
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Apr 20, 2018

My Mini Radical Dictionary

Author:Da Shiping
ISBN: 9787561913666
Page Count: 38
Pub Date:2004-10

This book has listed 122 frequently used Chinese character radicals, most accompanied by pictures illustrating the key meanings of them. These radicals are classified into four categories by their meanings. You can fill in each blank with a new word that you have learned according to the radical. Your do-it-yourself mini radical dictionary compilation is not only a record of your unique Chinese learning process but a better and faster way to understand Chinese characters.
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Apr 18, 2018

Textbook for Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language - Audio

This book is written for foreign students with a certain Chinese background. Based on Chinese real life, the book involves economic knowledge into this book and allows students to learn them naturally.
Paperback: 199 pages
Publisher: Peking University Press (January 10, 2010)
Language: Chinese
ISBN-10: 7301078412
ISBN-13: 978-7301078419
Audio only.
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Apr 11, 2018

Giáo trình tiếng Việt cơ sở 3

出版社: 世界图书出版社
出版年: 1970-1
页数: 196
定价: 38.80元
ISBN: 9787506293754
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Giáo trình tiếng Việt cơ sở 2

作者: 黄以亭//林明华
出版社: 世界图书出版公司
出版年: 2009-8
页数: 224
定价: 38.80元
ISBN: 9787506293747

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Mar 26, 2018

I Really Want to Find Her

作者: 刘月华
出版社: 北京大学
出版年: 2007-11
页数: 57
定价: 15.00元
ISBN: 9787301079058
Sách 我一定要找到她 (Tôi nhất định tìm thấy em) nằm trong loạt sách Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series (《汉语风》中文分级系列读物第1级300词级)
She is really beautiful. Just one look at her photo and three guys, Dai-wei, Jie-fu, and Qiu-tian, are all determined to find her! The photo was given to them by their professor before he died and nobody knows where in China the girl is. How can the guys find her? And what happens when they finally see her?

Mar 17, 2018

Intermediate Chinese Reading

出版年: 1997-3
页数: 303
定价: 25.20元
ISBN: 9787561905456